Sleep scoring app

App to quickly and easily score a raw EDF sleep recording, according to a machine learning algorythm published in 2018 . Head over the tab Autom. sleep scoring , upload your EDF file, select 4 main EEG derivations and power spectra + sleep stages will automatically be computed. Results can then be downloaded.
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Here a preview of a sample output:

After uploading your EDF(+) or BDF(+) file choose EEG channels of interest.

Choose a main bipolar derivation (ex. C3-A2), 2 ocular channels and 1 EMG channel. Process of automatic sleep scoring can take a while, since data are downsampled, filtered, Welch’s power spectral density is computed (5 second sliding window 50% overlap) and passed from R to python (still this process should take less than a minute). Epoch length is set to 20 seconds for the moment, but other settings will soon be available

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